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Tips to Boost Your Marketing During Holiday Periods

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For retailers, marketing is important throughout the year. Despite this, there are some times when it takes on even more importance. Holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas are times when consumers flex their spending muscles and businesses need to be there to capitalise on this. 

Here are some tips to ensure you’re getting the most from your holiday marketing and taking advantage of these periods to boost your marketing. 

Why are the Holidays Such a Big Deal for Marketers

The National Retail Federation estimates that in the US, the November and December holiday sales account for 19% of total annual retail sales. This is a huge amount, and it’s before we even take into account other big holidays such as Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and many others. 

Quite simply, the holidays are when consumers tend to loosen the purse strings, making them a vital period for retailers. This is why we see such a strong push from businesses to identify themselves with certain holidays, and when they do this well, it has a big impact on their revenues. 

How to Boost Your Marketing During the Holidays

No matter what line of business you’re in, the chances are you can use the holidays as an opportunity to boost your marketing. This could well be a time where your customers are looking to make purchases, so you need to be there with the right messages.

Enhance the Customer Experience in Your Store

People like to get into the holiday spirit and the experience your store offers is a great way to allow them to do this. 

It’s one thing getting people excited about spending money during the holidays, but if they walk into your store and it’s just like any other day, then it’s going to take some of that excitement away. 

Modern consumers value the customer experience extremely highly, so it’s important to work on this area of your store. With digital signage, you can make your store experience extremely adaptable, and match your store experience to the holidays that are taking place.

Run Holiday-Themed Promotions

Everyone loves a good deal, and the holidays are a great time to give people the things they want at a good price. Promotions are a way to introduce new products, sell seasonal stock, quickly get rid of old stock, and boost revenue and they go extremely well during the holidays. 

The thing to remember with promotions is that they need to work for your business though. There’s no point selling things too cheap if there’s no benefit for you. Instead, focus on how the holidays can make your promotions more exciting for customers while still offering your business value.

Opportunity to Reach Out to Your Customers

The holidays are a great reason to check in with your customers. 

Marketing is all about building relationships, and a simple email wishing people a happy holiday is a part of this. Not only can you show you care about the relationship, and offer your customers something valuable, but it also keeps your brand relevant. 

If you’ve got a good email list, then it’s a perfect time to send out some holiday-themed messages and bring people some cheer. The important thing is that you’re offering value with what you do, so be sure to put the customer first. 

Flex Your Social Muscles

Social media is a great place to showcase the human element behind your business and demonstrate that you’re not some faceless business. 

One way you can do this is by incorporating holiday themes into your content. 

You want to be creating content that resonates with your target audience, and during these holiday periods, you know exactly the sort of things they’re going to be looking for. If you’re struggling for content ideas, then the holidays always bring lots of things to focus on. 


The holidays are a great opportunity for retail businesses to connect with customers and boost revenues. As with anything though, there’s lots of competition out there, and you need good marketing to take care of it. 

Digital solutions can help retail stores with every step of boosting their marketing during the holiday periods, and with holiday sales making up such a big percentage of total revenue, this can make a massive difference.

Is it time you upped your marketing during the holidays?

Speak to us to find out how digital solutions can make all the difference.

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