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Using Personnel Management Kiosks to Make Your Workplace Safer

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Everyone wants to feel safe in their workplace, and this is a responsibility you have to your employees. One of the ways you can make sure your employees and guests are safer when engaging with your business is through a personnel management kiosk. 

These bespoke units can ensure your workplace is much safer and result in a good return on investment for your business.

What is a Personnel Management Kiosk?

Part of personnel management is understanding who's in your building, how they’re accessing it, and what they use it for. 

Modern businesses are busy, thriving places, and in these situations, it’s vitally important you understand who is in your building and when. Security and safety are huge priorities in the modern world, and it’s much harder to guarantee these things if you don’t know who is using your buildings.

Personnel management kiosks are designed to improve safety and security in buildings by giving your greater control over who has access to your building. Using facial recognition, a personnel management kiosk can match individuals to your HR software, allowing access to authorized personnel, and keeping unauthorized people out of your building. 

Improved Security 

Businesses can’t afford to have unrestricted access to their building. 

It only takes one person to wander in with the wrong intentions, and it can have serious repercussions for your business. 

Aside from the basic security aspect though, there’s also the matter of safety. For example, if there was a fire, you need to have quick access to records of who was in the building to make sure everyone is accounted for. 

Knowing who is accessing the workplace protects businesses and it also helps protect the people who work in and visit the building. With a personnel management kiosk, this becomes a seamless action. People simply look into the kiosk, and when the software recognizes their face, the door opens and access is granted. 

Control Flows of People 

A building only has so much capacity. There are strict rules for how many people can be in your building at one time, so you need to be able to track these numbers. 

The biggest challenge when it comes to controlling flows is when everyone arrives or tries to leave at the same time. These can be dangerous situations, and you need a solution to be able to manage them. 

crowded work area

Staggered work times are a great way to make this process more efficient, but again, you need to be able to manage when people come and go. This can be a costly exercise if you’re using manual labour to do this, but when everything is automated through a personnel management kiosk, it’s much easier. 

Checking your workforce and guests in and out can be a complicated task, but it doesn’t have to be with the right technology. 

Protect the Health of Your Personnel 

Another huge benefit of personnel management kiosks is the ability to quickly screen people for a high temperature. Every business around the world has had to become very aware of public health in recent times, and a personnel management kiosk can be the first line of defense. 

Again, the important thing here is that it’s automated. You don’t have to pay people to scan temperatures manually all day. It’s a two-second process that’s seamlessly linked to your check-in process allowing you to boost your health protocols without inconveniencing your employees. 

Maintain Efficiency 

Ensuring safety and security is clearly a priority for businesses, but they can’t forget about efficiency when trying to achieve this. 

It’s just not feasible to keep track of a large, complex organization manually. You need to be able to automate processes and harness technology. With digital kiosks for personnel management, you have a highly adaptable technology that’s designed to fit the individual needs of your business. 

This allows you to boost your safety protocols but at the same time, ensure you’re streamlining your processes. 


Safety and security cannot be ignored in your buildings. You need to be constantly looking for ways to improve your protocols and a personnel management kiosk is an ideal way to achieve this. 

At evolvecx Digital Solutions, we’re focused on creating bespoke digital solutions that fit your business, and our personnel management kiosks can make a major impact on your building security. If you’re looking for a solution that makes your buildings safer, then contact us today. 

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